Clearing all sized sites with maximum efficiency and safety, Treemendous Tree Service provides large machinery and experienced staff to carry out all site clearances.

With 16+ years of experience, Treemendous Tree Service trained arborists use dedicated equipment to tackle unique sections.

We take care of trees, stumps or leftover debris at any location from small, suburban properties to hectares of farmland.

Our expertise makes us ready for any task, with cranes and machinery available for the more challenging projects.


Contract Wood Chipping

Large scale wood chipping services. Treemendous Tree Service offers a contract chipping service for residential, rural, commercial and tree contracting companies.

Bamboo Maintenance & Removal

Our expert earthmoving  operators will take on all domestic and residential excavation services. Our dedicated team specialise in thorough site preparation and earthworks including house cuts, 

Arborist Mulch/Woodchip

Our popular Arb Mulch/Woodchip produced by chipping whole trees meaning it contains a large percentage of straight wood chip rather then the leafy matter often produced by small chippers.

It is predominantly shelter-belt variety trees (no weeds). This creates a long lasting and high quality mulch. This product has been aged to ensure it is safe for plants and your soil.

See for yourself why this one is a top seller!

Phoenix Palm Removal Specialist

Whatever the reasons, our experienced palm tree removal and pruning arborists can carefully prune or remove all types of palm trees, no matter where they are located, ensuring that absolutely nothing is damaged and everything is left clean and tidy.

Firewood Supply

Our  “HOT MIX” firewood is a combination of fast-starting and slow-burning woods. The 3 main types in the mix are Pine, Macrocarpa and Gum but there will also be other types of arborist-removed trees within the mix. The wood has been split and stored on-site and will be ready for burning this winter.