Our Services

Tree pruning – Tree removal – Other services


Tree pruning:

  • Reduction – Reducing the overall size of the tree.
  • Thinning – Selective removal of branches to allow for light and reduce weight.
  • Dead wooding – Removal of dead and decaying branches.
  • Annual tree maintenance – Yearly dead wooding, thinning, removal of new growth and general garden maintenance to keep your garden in tip top shape.
  • Palm tree pruning – Tidying of trunk, shaping, removal of dead fronds and seed pods.
  • View restoration – Creating windows within the trees or reducing height of the trees.
  • Hedge trimming – Turing trees into hedges or reshaping and maintenance of hedges large and small.


Tree removal:

  • Tree felling – Cutting down a tree as close ground level as possible.
  • Dangerous tree removal – Removal of hazardous or dangerous trees either by felling whole tree at once or sectional dismantling.
  • Crane tree removal – For large, dangerous or hard to reach trees we use a crane to help in the ease and safety of the tree removal.
  • After hours emergency work/Storm damage – We are available 24/7 for emergency work such as fallen trees on your home, your car or your property. Most storm damage is covered by your insurance.
  • Land clearance – Removal of all trees, shrubs or stumps using diggers, stump grinders and a large wood chipper to leave your land or section clear.
  • Palm tree removal – Removal of hazardous and unwanted palms.


Other services:

  • Firewood for sale – Hot mix (mix of wood types), $80 + GST per cubic metre.
  • Mulch for sale – Fresh arborist wood chips, $60 + GST for 8 cubic metres.
  • Wood chipping – Mulching of wood and foliage using our 18 inch wood chipper.
  • Landscaping and planting – Complete revamp of gardens with planting of new trees, flowers, shrubs and laying of mulch, bark or stones.
  • Property maintenance – Maintaining your property. From large trees, to gardens, to basic landscaping on an annual basis.
  • Stump and root grinding – Removal of tree stumps and roots below ground level using a stump grinder to eliminate unwanted stumps and prevent re growth.